Proactive Action Against Fraud

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In today’s tech-obsessed world, bad actors have more opportunities than ever to steal someone’s identity. In 2019 alone, identity theft cost American consumers more than $14.7 billion.

Today, the phone number is the most common identifier for organizations to use to help mitigate fraud and assess risk. With more than 600K porting transactions daily in the U.S. alone, if the number porting data you access is old or incomplete, you may put yourselves and your customers in jeopardy.

Fortunately, there is a simple and secure service that can assist you in stopping bad actors by giving you quick access to accurate porting data when verifying a customer’s identity, approving a transaction or disclosing information.

PortData Validate: The authoritative resource for number porting data

In the United States, PortData Validate is the only authorized resource for accurate and up-to-date phone number porting data for fraud mitigation and risk assessment. By subscribing to this service through iconectiv, or through an authorized Reseller, you can ensure you’re aware of recent porting activity that may indicate fraud, and that you’re not counting on old phone number information.

A variety of organizations can benefit from PortData Validate, including:

portdata validate

A vital resource for three distinct customer types

Whether the data you access will be used by your company or to support your customers, there are three options to meet your specific needs.

  • A Direct customer can access and use porting data for their company or provide a risk assessment score for a third party

  • A Reseller customer can receive and process porting data and provide it only to a third party who would be registered with iconectiv as an Indirect customer
  • An Indirect customer can receive porting data from a Reseller

Two simple ways to receive timely and accurate data

 You can choose to receive porting data in one of two ways.

  1. Notify: This is the base service that provides you with porting history as well as updates to porting data in regular intervals as frequently as every minute.
  2. Query: Available to Direct and Indirect customer only, this service allows you to login at any time and access the most recent porting data on demand.

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