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What is the NPAC?

The Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) supports the implementation of Local Number Portability and is the system used to facilitate number porting in the United States. Comprised of seven regional systems across the U.S., the NPAC manages the number portability processes of all telecom Service Providers in the United States, including wireline, wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Who administers the NPAC?

iconectiv has been established as the next Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) in all U.S. regions.

What is LNP?

LNP stands for Local Number Portability. You may also hear it referred to as number portability or number porting.  Mobile number portability (MNP) or wireless number portability (WNP) refer to a type of LNP related to wireless or mobile numbers.

LNP was created as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to give consumers the choice and convenience of keeping their wireline or wireless telephone number when switching from one service provider to another. Prior to LNP, consumers were required to get a new telephone number every time they switched service providers. Note that for wireline numbers, there are some geographical limitations to the consumer’s ability to porting their number.

For more technical information regarding how LNP works, click here.

What is the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) and what are its responsibilities?

iconectiv is the LNPA for the United States. As the LNPA, iconectiv manages seven regional databases that make up the U.S. NPAC.

The NPAC provides critical data that allows for:

  • Data administration for ported telephone numbers, service provider networks and audit administration
  • Mass changes, such as location routing number (LRN) transfers
  • Billing and cost appointments

Why would I need to use this service?

In the United States, PortData Validate will be the only authorized data source that companies can use to access accurate and up-to-date phone number porting information for fraud mitigation and risk assessment.  PortData Validate can help businesses:

  • Guard against Account Take Over (ATO)
  • Assess risk before confirming a transaction
  • Identify current service providers and recent porting activity

Does my account automatically renew each year?

Each year, you will need to renew the service and pay the applicable annual subscription fee. To simplify the process, you will receive the required renewal documentation in advance of the anniversary date of your Service Agreement.

As a Reseller, can I renew service on behalf of my customers?

All PortData Validate customers must renew their access to the service directly through iconectiv.

How often is the data updated?

Number porting changes are sent directly to customers via a Restful API. The data will be sent at an interval chosen by the customer. Some may choose to receive it every few hours, others may choose to receive it every few minutes.

How often will my company be billed for this service?

All users will be billed annually in advance.

How will I receive my bill?

You will receive it via email.  

How do I pay my bill?

Instructions for Check Remittance or Wire Transfer will be at the bottom of your Invoice.

How can I reach the help desk?

You can reach the help desk by calling: 844-711-4871 or by emailing PortDataValidate@iconectiv.numberportability.com. 

Is registration required?

Yes, registration is required. To get started, simply fill out the form on the Get Started page.

Who is eligible to access the service?

PortData Validate is for companies who rely on phone number porting information for fraud mitigation and risk assessment.

Is there a fee for the service?

Yes, all users – Direct, Reseller and Indirect – must subscribe to the base service and pay the applicable fee. Direct and Indirect customers can also opt to subscribe to the Query service.  

What are the fees?

There is an annual subscription fee for the PortData Validate Service. Details will be provided upon execution of a Non Disclosure Agreement.

What is the estimated average timeline for registration for users of the service if all forms are filled out correctly?

Each step in the Registration process could take one to five business days.

What are the different user types?

  • Direct: Receive porting data to assess risk for yourself or your customers. Porting data cannot be shared with any other entities. For example, a Direct customer can use porting data to influence a risk score that is provided to one of its customers but cannot share the porting data with their customer.
  • Reseller: Receive porting data, process it and provide that data to its customers, who is required to be an Indirect customer of the PortData Validate Service.
  • Indirect: Subscribe to the PortData Validate Service with iconectiv, but receive Porting Data from your Reseller and use it to assess risk for yourself or for your clients. Porting Data cannot be shared with any other entities.

Can I resell the service?

A Reseller may resell to its customers who are Indirect customers of the PortData Validate Service but its customers may not then resell the service or any data from the service to any other entity.

What is involved with the customer testing?

Testing is required for each core service functionality that is subscribed to. For the Notify service, the customer’s ability to load at startup a history file and retrieve a pushed file of ported data from sFTP server are examples of the testing that will occur. For the Query service, the customer’s ability to request online updates for a phone number is another example of the testing that will occur.

When will I receive the user interface specs?

You will receive the Interface Specification document along with other detailed information about the services offered after the Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed and returned.

How long with testing take?

Excluding connectivity verification, the actual time required for testing is expected to be less than eight hours.

How do I begin testing?

Simply call 844-711-4871 or email PortDataValidatet@iconectiv.numberportability.com to schedule the next available testing time slot and receive the Testing Technical Provisioning form and the Test Plan document.

How do I get certified?

Qualification for the PortData Validate Service is based upon iconectiv’s acceptance of a completed registration form. iconectiv will notify you and provide a Service Agreement for your signature. To be certified for production access to the PortData Validate service, you will need to build to the iconectiv interface specification, and then schedule and complete the certification testing. That testing is expected to take up to 8 hours.  

How do I connect to the service?

Once certified, return a signed Production Technical Provisioning form to begin the service.